Until now, motorcycles have been the main vehicles that are most widely used by people to travel. Because a motorcycle is a type of vehicle that is simple and practical.

Therefore, we are not surprised that in this day and age there are many types of motorcycles that are often used to travel. Especially for traveling at close distances, using a motorcycle is also very time-saving, compared to traveling by car.

But before you travel using a motorbike, it would be nice if you first check the condition of your motorcycle, both the condition of the engine, tires, past, and other conditions. One of the important conditions that you must pay attention to is the condition of the motor chain. Because the motorcycle chain is one of the important components but is rarely noticed by motorcycle users.

The motor chain is an important component that has the function of passing the power generated by the engine to the rear wheels. These chains are generally made of iron or metal. Metal is a material that can be exposed to heat.

Because of the properties of metal that are easy to expand, it would be nice if we often checked the tightness of the motor chain so that it remains in a tight condition according to the standard needs of your motorcycle.

But sometimes there is also a motor chain that needs to be cut. However, there are still many people who are confused about how to cut the motor chain when the motor chain has begun to loosen and lengthen. Also know about the Causes and How to Overcome a Loose Motor Chain.

Actually, cutting the chain can be said to be quite easy because there are several things you can do to cut the motorcycle chain. Usually, cutting the chain can be done using special tools and manual methods.

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Well, for those of you who want to dance how to cut the chain simply and the steps, you can see the following review to the end.

Cutting the motor chain is something that usually has to be done by motorbike users. Because you will do this when you buy a new motor chain that generally has a length exceeding the manufacturer’s standards.

Then you have to cut the chain so that it can be used according to the length needed by your motorcycle. Cutting the chain can be done by using special tools or using menual methods.

Now, will discuss first about how to cut the chain manually.

For this manual method, even though it is not complicated, you can use simple equipment that is used to cut the motor chain yourself at home.

It can be known that cutting the motor chain cannot be done with bare hands. You can use several tools that must be prepared as follows.

  • Used Gear
  • Hammer
  • Nut 12 mm
  • Medium Diameter Concrete Nails

How to Cut the Motor Chain with Simple Tools

Open Chain Link Master

How to cut the chain yourself is not difficult. After you have prepared some of the tools needed according to the above, you can start to open the master link chain.

This chain Master Link has a function as a connector and circuit breaker to make it easier for motor users when installing it.

To open it, you need to use pliers to press the Master Link lock so that the locking pin comes off so that the connection can be opened.

Determining the Number of Chains Cut

The next step is to make adjustments to find out how many motor links must be cut. You can measure the number of motor chains that must be cut by installing your motor.

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Place the motor wheel assy in a forward position, then install the chain that needs to be cut. After that, you mark the limit of the chain needed to facilitate the cutting process so as not to cut the wrong number of motor links.

Hit the chain pin.

After marking the length of the motor chain that is scaled, you can start to do the process of how to cut the chain. You can place the chain pin right at the end of the gear bolt hole that has been prepared.

Then, after placing the chain pin in the right position, start to hammer the pin with a hammer until the pin is in position to be hidden. Then put the concrete nails on top of the pins and hit the head of the concrete nail.

Put the nut under the chain.

Next, when you have hit the motor chain pin, you need to place a nut with a diameter of 12 mm right at the top of the used gear, with the position of the motor chain above the nut.

If the position is right, please start re-loading the concrete nail head in a straight position until the chain pin is completely released.

Reconnect your motor chain.

Then, after finishing cutting the motor chain, you can install the motor chain and connect it using the Master Link so that your chain locks back to its standard position.

Provide motor chain lubricant.

When the chain cutting process is complete, now is the time for you to give the motor chain lubricant so that your motor chain remains durable and maintains its condition. Lubricating the chain can also increase the performance of the motor because, with the presence of chain lubricant, it is easier to move.

You also have to know how to clean the motor chain properly and correctly so that your motorcycle chain remains durable.

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How to Cut the Chain Using the Chain Breaker Tool

If the method of cutting the chain above feels still difficult, then you can use a special tool to cut the motorcycle chain that is sold at a motorcycle spare parts store.

for chain-cutting tools that are sold in stores called Chain Breaeker. This tool is used to make it easier for you when you want to cut the motorcycle chain, so you don’t have to be complicated anymore to prepare this tool, just buy this tool.

For how to use the Cahin Breaker motor chain cutter, you can do it as follows:

The first step is that you have to remove the chain first to make it easier to cut the chain.

When you have removed the chain, then you must also determine in advance how long the chain must be cut.

After determining how many links to cut, you can use this Chain Breaker tool to start the process of cutting motor chain pins by placing the right motor chain pins.

When the position is right, you can turn another lever of this tool slowly using your hand until your motor chain pin comes off.

Then, when the motor chain pins have come off, break some chains according to the chain pins that were removed earlier, and then you can reconnect them using chain buttons.

Using this tool will make your job easier in terms of cutting the motor chain. You can even shorten the time and no longer need to use equipment such as hammers, nails, nuts, and others.


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