The push of the engine’s power allows the motorcycle to run. However, in order for the engine to run, gears and chains must be used to connect engine power to the wheels.

This motor chain is a critical component because the motor cannot operate without it. However, there are still people who are unconcerned with the chain’s upkeep.

Finally, the motorcycle chain of the vehicle is easily loosen owing to the ignorance of motorists who do not pay attention to the state of the motorcycle chain.

A slack motor chain might also have an impact on the performance of your motorcycle engine. As stated in the preceding assessment, the motor chain serves as a link between engine power and motor wheels.

Regular maintenance is required for every component of a motorcycle. This chain receives the pulling load generated by the motor engine, especially with this motor chain component where each motor is used.

As a result, the motor chain is bound to have some issues that develop unexpectedly. The issue might be likened to a chain that begins to weaken or perhaps breaks.

If your motorcycle has a problem with the motor chain, you can read the review below until it is completed.

7 Factors Contributing to Fast-Loose Motor Chains

Initially, the cause of loose motor chains when driving had a variety of issues. If your motorcycle has an issue like this, don’t allow it to happen because it can damage engine performance while transmitting power to the rear wheels.

People will sometimes cut the motor chain to overcome slack motor chains. Because severing the chain is simple and quick,

Poor maintenance and selection of motor chain type could be the cause. It would be ideal if you maintained the motorcycle chain on a regular basis so that it remains robust and does not loosen quickly.

It is quite simple to maintain the motor chain. because you simply need to apply chain lubricant oil on a regular basis. You must also clean the unclean portion of the motor chain.

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However, it would be preferable if you knew the cause of the slack motor chain ahead of time. This is so you can figure out how to overcome it. Please read the review all the way through.

1. Incorrect Tightening Technique

The first reason for slack motor chains is improper chain stall tightening. If this is not corrected promptly, it will cause noise and the appearance of friction sounds created by gears and chains over time.

As a result, you must adjust the chain to the desired tightness. You must ensure that the chain is right. When you feel comfortable, you can begin to re-tighten the grip and axle of your motorcycle wheels.

The wheels should not be slanted when mounting so that the chain and gear remain in direct contact with their location.

2. Mud on the chain

Dirt is another factor that might cause the motor chain to come free. Usually, this filth is caused by rain mixed with mud on the road, and when you pass through it, the dirty water sprays on your motorcycle chain.

Because this dirt causes your motor chain’s lubrication to be lost, the friction force that happens between the chain and the gear is increased. This causes the chain to heat up quickly, and the chain will eventually become loose when cold.

3. The chain is so dry.

Every component of the motorcycle must be properly maintained, as these components have a direct impact on the motorcycle’s performance. like a motorcycle chain, which appears insignificant while being vital and requiring frequent maintenance.

As a result, don’t allow difficulties with your motorcycle chain to interfere with the operation of your motorcycle engine. It is quite simple to maintain the motorcycle; simply apply lubricating oil to the chain so that it remains slippery and not dry.

When your motorcycle chain is dry, the engine performance suffers, and traffic backups can arise. As a result, you must frequently inspect the motor chain and offer the best motor chain lube to ensure the motor chain’s longevity.

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4. The equipment is worn out

The worn condition of the gear is the next source of loose motor chains. You may observe the sharper gear to verify the condition of the worn gear.

This will damage the performance of the motor chain because the sharpening gear, especially if it appears uneven, will affect the working process of the swinging chain.

When you encounter an issue like this, it would be preferable if you changed the gear as soon as possible. Chains and gears are typically supplied in sets, but they can also be purchased separately.

Vehicle components are critical; therefore, take good care of them, particularly your motorcycle chain, so that it does not loosen too rapidly. A faulty motor chain has a significant impact on the performance of your engine.

5. Uneven and rough road conditions

Another factor that can cause the motor chain to become loose is if the road surface is uneven and damaged. Loose motor chains can also be caused by this.

Because passing through uneven road terrain affects the swing arm, which moves erratically, and this will undoubtedly impact your motorcycle chain. Because when the sewing arm is depressed, the motor chain tightens and loosens when going over uneven terrain.

6. Examine the Rear Wheel Damper

Rear Wheel Damper is a rubber motor component that acts as a damper on the back of the motor. When the motor chain wears down, the gear position sways, causing the motor chain to become slack.

When the motor is running, this rubber acts as a dampener for the beats.

As a result, it has a significant impact, especially as the motor chain ages.

7. Overloaded

Excessive load is the final cause of loose motor chains. This driving overload can also result in loose chains.

This occurs when the motor chain is insufficiently robust to lift a big load, causing the spacing between the links to become loose and even break.

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How to Deal with Loose Motor Chains

Now that you know what caused the loose motor chain, it’s time to figure out how to fix it.

1.Shift Gears

You must first replace the rear front gear with a new one. Check that the gear eyes are not pointed. If you see that your gear eyes are already pointed, it’s time to replace them.

Keep in mind that if feasible, changing the rear front gear with the chain as well, because if it is not done at the same time, it can cause the chain to loosen quickly due to wear of one of such components.

2. Chain Switch

If your front and rear gears are still in good working order, simply replace the chain. Changing gears must, in general, be done with the chain. If the gear is still in good condition, simply replace the chain.

“You have to change one package for the same method,” explained the mechanic at Kertosono Motor Workshop.

3. Chain Position and Gear Flip

When our pocket money runs out and there are issues such as loose motor chains, we can try to solve the problem by reversing the position of our gear and motor chain. The concept is that facing ahead turns into facing backward.

4. Inspect the bearings

If you’ve tried the aforementioned methods and the chain is still slack, check the bearings on your motorcycle’s legs. If it is discovered that the bearing has begun to wear out, it must be replaced.

5. Inspect the Rear Wheel Drum

Motorcycle owners who still utilize radius wheels must check that the drums on the wheels are operating with a straight and good center. Don’t let your wheels or drums move because jiga shakes, which can also create loose motor chains.


So, from, here’s a discussion regarding the causes and solutions for loose motor chains. I hope this essay was useful.


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