Be Sure to Avoid Making These Mistakes When Selecting the Right Motor Box for Your Vehicle

You should be familiar with the motorcycle box and the functions it serves if you frequently travel long distances on a motorcycle. This is especially true for those of you who travel solo. If you have a significant amount of luggage to transport, the motorcycle box might make things simpler for you.

It is possible for an automatic scooter to use a motorcycle box despite the fact that its trunk is fairly spacious. Motorcycle boxes are typically used for motorcycles that do not have a large trunk, especially manual motorcycles. However, it is also possible for an automatic scooter to use a motorcycle box.

We are able to keep a wide variety of items that we use while riding thanks to the motorcycle box, and the utilization of a motorcycle box is also quite important when traveling for extended periods of time, such as when touring.

Because there is such a wide variety of motor boxes available on the market, we have decided to compile this evaluation in order to make it simpler for you to select the motor box that is most suited to the vehicle that we use. Check out the explanation that is provided below.

Considerations to Make When Selecting a Motor Box

Before we install a motor box on our vehicle, we should first perform some background research on both our vehicle and the motor box that we intend to install.

When we operate the vehicle, the weight distribution inside will be affected by how carefully we installed the motor box, so we can’t afford to be careless about it. Here are some things to keep in mind while selecting a motor box.

1. Using the Motor, Adjust the Size of the Box.

The first thing that we need to do is determine the dimensions of the box that will be installed later on. It is imperative that the dimensions of the box that we are going to install be compatible with those of our motor. This is done to ensure that our motorcycles will maintain their stability and will not do us any harm.

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The width of the motor at its farthest point should not be exceeded while installing the motor box, and the length of the motor box should be adjusted so that it fits the construction of our motorcycle chassis. If the motorcycle box is too wide, it will be tough for us to navigate narrow roads or get ahead of other vehicles.

2. Ratio the Capacity of the Box to the Capacity of the Engine

Make sure that we also know the capacity of the motorcycle box that we are going to acquire before you decide to go ahead and purchase a motorbike box. If the capacity is too large, this will make our motorcycle heavier, which will ultimately result in a reduction in the maximum speed that it is capable of.

The following is a list of recommended sizes for the various dimensions of boxes that we can use as a reference.

• The engine has a capacity of 125 cc.

It is possible to utilize a motor box that has a capacity of up to 30 liters.

• Engine displacement between 250 and 400 cc

It is possible to utilize a motor box that has a capacity of up to 35 liters.

• A motor whose displacement is greater than 400 cc

It is possible to utilize a motor box that has a capacity of up to 50 liters.
As a result, in order to be successful and efficient, we need to select a motor box that is tailored to our demands.

3. Make the necessary adjustments to the weight of the motor box so that the motor remains stable.

If we want our motorcycle to remain stable while we are riding, we need to select a motorcycle box that is lightweight and easy to remove from the motorcycle. This will allow our motorcycle to remain steady while we are traveling.

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In addition to that, we need to keep in mind the maximum load capacity of our motorcycles. By doing so, the motorcycle will keep its stability, and the rider’s comfort will not be affected.

4. Select Brackets That Are Appropriate and of High Quality

The choice of motor boxes that will be used for storage needs to be accompanied by brackets that are tailored to our boxes as well as our vehicles. As a result, we have to select the appropriate bracket in accordance with our car and the motor box. The following is a list of several popular types of brackets.

• Brackets for monorack systems

The sort of bracket that is used the most frequently is called a monorack. This bracket is used fairly frequently since the method of installation is quite simple. It can be immediately installed via four bolts to the motor sub-frame, and in addition to this, this bracket is suited for a wide variety of motors and boxes.

• Heavyrack brackets

In comparison to a monorack, the design of this particular sort of bracket is more robust. This bracket is attached to the rear footstep and shockbreaker, as well as the sub-frame of the motor where it is mounted. Therefore, if you are looking for a box that has a huge capacity, this bracket is an excellent option to consider.

• Bracket Side Box

The next type of side box is a bracket style. This bracket is designed for use with a motor box, also known as a pannier, which will be put on the side of the vehicle. As the name suggests, the bracket’s purpose is to hold the motor box in place. People who drive for very extended periods of time should give some thought to purchasing this particular model.

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• Sliding brackets

Because it allows the rider to change the motorcycle box, this sort of bracket offers the rider greater versatility in its use. For instance, the box can be moved to the back when the driver is alone, and it can also be moved to the back when the vehicle is shared.

5. Opt for a Motor Box That Is Both Secure and Comfortable

The level of comfort and safety provided by the motorcycle box is another issue that should not be overlooked and ought to be taken into account when selecting a motorcycle box. Because our luggage will be stored in the motorcycle box, it goes without saying that the motorcycle box needs to be secure.

Additionally, the motorcycle box that we install does not impact the level of comfort that we have when driving. Because the trip will take a considerable amount of time. When we go behind the wheel, it is imperative that we keep these two factors in mind so that our performance is not negatively impacted.


The following are some suggestions that we can use to select a motorcycle box that is suitable for our motorcycle. With any luck, this evaluation will be able to assist you in selecting the motorcycle box that best meets your requirements.


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