Full Review of Vivo V25 5G with Only 1.5 Hours Charging

Full Review of Vivo V25 5G with Only 1.5 Hours Charging | Vivo V25 5G is one of the latest generation smartphones that vivo brings to Indonesia in 2022. We did a review of the Vivo V25 5G, which turns out to have advantages in terms of camera performance and battery life.

The Vivo V25 5G is claimed to be a smartphone that combines good camera technology, hard performance, and sleek design. Because the main camera V25 5G is 64 MP with OIS Night Camera technology.

In addition, the kitchen uses the MediaTek Dimensity 900, which is combined with 8 GB of RAM to which 8 GB can be added with an extended RAM function and 256 GB of memory. Another 4,500mAh battery with a 44W flash charger.

However, to support gaming activities, there is a liquid cooling system capable of maintaining the operating temperature of the machine when HP is used for gaming or other activities.

With the advantages offered, it certainly makes the public curious about the performance of the Vivo V25 5G. The telset team has the opportunity to review the Vivo V25 5G, and here is the full analysis for you.

Vivo V25 5G Specifications


Before discussing the design, I first explained the size and weight of the Vivo V25 5G. The dimensions of the Vivo V25 are 159.2 x 74.2 x 7.8 mm, weighing 186 grams. It tends to be smaller than the Vivo V25 Pro 5G.

The colors are available in 2 options, namely aquamarine blue and diamond black. In this analysis, we have the Diamond Black variant. The material for the rear body and frame uses glass with the flat frame design concept.

This concept makes the smartphone look minimalistic because it lacks curves. In addition, the rear body is also not slippery, so it is comfortable to hold with one hand. In the future, the Vivo V25 5G uses a 6.44-inch AMOLED panel with Full HD+ resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate.

The display also supports fingerprint scanner technology, as well as a front-facing camera with a waterdrop concept. While on the right side, there is an on/off screen button and a volume adjuster. The top and left, smooth and bottom there are slots for 2 SIM cards and 1 MicroSD, a USB Type-C port and speakers.

Display and audio

Vivo V25 has an AMOLED display with an FHD+ resolution refresh rate of 90Hz and a brightness level of up to 1,300nits. The contrast ratio is also excellent 6000000:1, and it comes with HDR10+ and SGH Eye Care Display.

The specifications of the screen are possibly potatoes, because its brother Vivo V25 Pro 5G reaches 120Hz, so this standard version is only 90Hz. However, this HP display is capable of providing smooth graphics.

During the review process, we experienced no crashes or lags when vivo V25 5G was used for gaming, video streaming, or just browsing posts on Instagram.

As for audio, Vivo’s latest smartphone uses mono speakers that are underbody. It is unfortunate that only one speaker is installed, even if two speakers can provide maximum sound.

Fortunately, the sound produced by V25 5G speakers is more audible, even if the volume is increased to the maximum position.

Vivo V25 5G Performance

Before we talk about performance, we first explain about the Vivo V25 5G track. This smartphone uses the Media DimensTekity 900, 8 GB of RAM that can be added 8 GB with the extended RAM function. Do not forget that there is a Liquid Cooling System to maintain the temperature of the smartphone so that it remains stable.

While the memory capacity is 256GB, the battery is 4500mAh and the fast charging technology is 44W Flash Charge. The combination of chipset and large memory, can provide maximum experience.

During the review process of vivo V25 5G, there was no lag or interference, either when used to scroll through Instagram and TikTok, or just to stream videos on YouTube.

Similarly with the gaming experience. This Vivo gaming smartphone provides the best experience when used to play PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile.

Even when the game settings are aligned correctly, the phone can work properly without interruptions. However, to make the evaluation more objective and balanced, we have tested several applications such as AnTuTu, PC Mark and 3D Mark. Here are the full results:

1. AnTuTu

The first benchmark test used the AnTuTu app. As a result, the Vivo V25 5G managed to score over 424,000 app points. A satisfactory score that matches HP performance when used daily.

2. PC Brand

Next, you’re using the PC Mark app, which we used to test HP’s performance and battery life. Regarding HP’s performance, the Vivo V25 5G was able to score 7708 points.

A satisfactory result, and be the average score for an iconic HP that usually gets more than 5000 points.

3. 3D Brand

Finally try using a 3D Mark app. This Vivo 5G smartphone can pass various types of tests in this app, ranging from Wild Life Extreme to Sling Shot Extreme. The score obtained is satisfactory with the highest score of up to 4,367 points. Here are all the details:

  • Best Wildlife Extreme Stress Test Loop Score: 617 points
  • Wild Life Extreme overall rating: 611 points
  • Best wildlife stress test loop score: 2,198 points
  • Overall score Sling Shot Extreme OpenGL ES 3.1: 3,173 points
  • Overall Sling Shot score: 4,367 points.


The battery capacity is not very large. At a time when there are many HP 5000mAh batteries, spread across the market Vivo V25 5G has a battery capacity of only 4.5000mAh with the support of 44W flash charging fast charging technology.

Although the battery is small, its performance cannot be underestimated. According to tests conducted with PC Mark, it turns out that battery life or battery work 3.0 reaches 20 hours more than 42 minutes.

Almost close to a full day, I’m separated by 24 hours, so this phone is suitable for all-day activities on a single charge. On the other hand, the HP’s charge duration is also pretty fast, with a 0% to 100% charge duration only taking 1.5 hours.


The specifications of the 5G Vivo V25 camera are quite luxurious, consisting of a 64 MP OIS main camera night camera, 8 MP super wide angle camera and 2 MP Super Macro Camera. While the front camera uses a 50 MP camera.

In addition to the luxurious camera specifications, this best HP Vivo camera is also equipped with various advanced features like night mode, portrait, high resolution mode, panorama, slow motion video, time-lapse video, dual view, etc.

Oh yes, for video, the V25 5G Live camera supports video with a frame rate of 30 and 60 Fps, as well as resolutions of 720p, 1080p and 4K. We have used several features such as Portrait, where it is capable of providing bokeh and subtle images.

Then there’s the Night Mode feature, which produces images of night scenes that are smooth but still natural. Satisfactory results are also obtained when used for video recording.

During the review process of the v25 5G Live camera, we had time to use the dual-view video function and there were no obstacles to its use. In fact, we believe that Dual-View functionality can be used to create sound content, to make it more interesting.


The Vivo V25 5G is included in the 5 million hp price category. The price is RP 5,999,000 and is only available in memory variants of 8 GB RAM and 256 GB. But at such a price, is it worth buying the V25 5G?

This smartphone joins the list of HP 5G in the Indonesian market. Then, with MediaTek Dimensity 900 chipset specifications and a high-refresh rate display, the Vivo V25 5G can track streaming and gaming activities.

On the other hand, your camera has many features to help you create photo or video content to upload to social media.

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