Important tips to buy a used car, pay attention to these things

Important tips to buy a used car, pay attention to these things | Buying a used car is an option for those of you who have limited funds to buy a new car. Used cars are the best choice for those of you who have limited funds. For you who are planning to buy a used car, it is a good idea to know some important tips so that you don’t get scammed when buying a used car.

Buying a used car can actually benefit from this. In addition to being able to use them directly, the selling price of a used car is definitely cheaper and you don’t have to worry about expensive tax rates.

As is well known, it is difficult to buy a used car. If you choose the wrong one, the result will be a machine used in poor condition, which will cause a lot of problems in the future.

Many believe that buying a used car will be easily damaged and will eventually cost a lot of money to make maintenance more extravagant. In fact, it’s not even true as long as you’re smart to pick it out and buy it. Quoted in the press release as a registered insurance broker and under the supervision of the OJK, here are various tips for buying a used car so that it meets expectations.

There are many tips that can be considered when buying a used car so that they can adapt to what you expect. Before you visit our used car hall or contact the online dealer, here are tips for buying a used car that you need to know:

Learn 8 essential tips to buy a used car

1. Buy by budget

Before you buy a used car, the first step is to choose it according to budget, also known as the pocket capacity you have. Always pay attention to your financial capabilities at this time. Don’t push too hard to buy a car that costs more than your financial resources.

This is because although you can buy a used car, the cost of maintaining the car should be taken into account when buying.

Of course, don’t make the mistake of buying a used car so you don’t lose money. This can happen because the used car you choose has an engine that is already in poor condition. Remember that the cost of maintaining or repairing the engine will dry your bag deeply!

2. Don’t rest at cheap prices

Be wary of cheap used car deals, which are also known to be far from market prices. You should do a detailed inspection of the vehicle when performing a vehicle check. If necessary, bring a mechanic or friend who understands the condition of the car and can assess the condition of your used car.

The low price offered by the seller may be due to the used car being involved in an accident or flooded. The price offered is such that a used car can be sold quickly because there are consumers who tend to buy a car that is actually not worth selling.

3. Check the history of the service

Check the service history of the used car you are looking for. During the history of the service, we will see whether the owner regularly served the car or not.

In the automotive world, this periodic service history is called a service record when a used car that serves regular service is guaranteed to be a used car worth buying.

It is necessary to pay attention to used cars that are routinely used in official repair shops. This car deserves your priority because regardless of the guaranteed condition of the car or the original parts or parts used by the used car.

Another tip, if you are looking for a used car with guaranteed service, a used taxi could be one of the considerations. This is because the taxis used are checked daily by the company for their condition.

4. Completed documents

Another equally important thing when buying a used car is to check the full documentation of the car. Make sure that the documents of the used car match the seat number and engine number. Compare these numbers with the vehicle registration document (STNK) and the motor vehicle ownership book (BPKB).

Of course, make sure that the STNK is not in a dead state, as you will have to incur additional costs if the STNK of the used car is in an expired condition, apart from the cost of transferring the name.

5. Check the body of the car

Another important thing when buying a used car is to check the body of the car. This body control includes several important parts of the car, such as door panels, hood, windshield and car paint.

If the car has an original chassis, the main frame structure and paint of the car will not change significantly, while with a complete adjustment, you will see changes in the color of the paint and some parts that are not the same. Also, make sure that the body of the used car is in good condition and not rusty.

6. Check engine status

When buying a used car, remember the most important thing, which is a complete engine inspection. This needs to be done because the engine is an important part of the car that costs a lot when the used car you buy is in poor condition.

Open the hood and turn on the car to buy. Pay attention to all vehicle components and engine noise. If there is a suspicious noise or there are components that vibrate inappropriately, they make a different sound when the car starts.

Fully check for oil leakage in the engine block or other components. Then take a test drive. These tests should be done to see if the used car is usable. From this test, you can see how the car reacts when it accelerates and turns it into a traffic jam, on a slope, etc.

With this test machine, you can also detect the condition of transmission, brakes or legs of a used car while driving. Can they still be used or not?

7. Check the mechanics

Another important piece of advice when buying a used car is to seek help from a mechanic or mechanic if you see that a used car is aimed at it. These tips are important if you do not know the general condition of the car well. Of course, an experienced mechanic knows the condition of the used car.

Mechanics or mechanics may know the condition of the engine or body of a car used during the inspection of the car. You can ask his opinion as an automotive expert whether the used car that is your destination is still worth buying or not.

8. Check the interior and accessories

When we review a used car, one of the things that needs to be checked is the internal condition of the car and accessories. Accessories or underwear are controlled by checking the condition of the brothel, soft skin, floor mats, sound system and cabin lighting.

Make sure all of these things are working properly, including air conditioners or air conditioners that are still working properly and have no smell, and pay attention to various safety features such as seat belts, handbrakes, and dangerous lights.

By carefully examining the internal segments and accessories, you can see if the car is flooded or not, as flooded cars usually have traces of dirt placed and removed in hard-to-clean parts.


With these tips, we hope that you can buy a used car that is suitable for use and of course according to your budget.

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