Learn 7 Tips for Buying a Used Car that You Must Know

Learn 7 Tips for Buying a Used Car that You Must Know | Currently, many people prefer automatic cars because they are not only easier to drive, but also comfortable for the driver. However, not everyone buys a new car directly in the showroom, you know.

There are also those who buy used cars. For you who care, here is advice on buying a used automatic car!

Tips for buying a used Matic car

In general, many consumers today prefer to buy used automatic vehicles. The reason for this is that the price of this used automatic car is more affordable. However, you can still get it of good quality, you know.

However, there are a few things to consider before buying a used automatic car. Let’s see some of the following tips for buying a used automatic car:

1. Check the condition of the body of the car

The exterior of the car is of course very important. Therefore, you need to check the condition of the body of the car. Make sure it stays in good condition and free of scratches or abrasions.

If the exterior or body of the car has problems, you will have to spend a lot of money to repair it. Also, check the condition of lights, glass and tires. If you find scratches and scratches in some parts, the car has probably had an accident or collision.

To more easily control the condition of the body of the car, you need to do this during the day. Thus, the thin scratches on the body also affect the purchase and selling price.

2. Research the history of the car

Then do some research on the history of the car. Also, if you are buying a used car, make sure that the previous owner is good enough to take care of the car. For example, you know a lot if a used car had such an accident, such as an accident or flood.

If you’ve had a strong enough collision, there are fears that it will cause shock and affect electronic devices and computers. How do we find you then? You can come directly to the official workshop to check, yes.

3. Check the condition of the vehicle oil

It is also a good idea to choose a used automatic car, the exhausted condition of which is still good. The control of the automatic oil consists of starting the car in a neutral position (N). Then let the engine reach working temperature and turn off in hot conditions, yes.

Not only that, but you also need to check the automatic color of the oil. If the color that appears tends to be black, it is possible that the oil has not been replaced for a long time or that there is a transmission problem. Also, make sure that the mechanical oil level meets the specifications or not.

4. Beware of leaks

Not only should external conditions be taken into account, but you also need to check the condition of the automatic transmission.

Check for oil or dust flowing. See where the river comes from. Be it the gap in the transmission block or the rubber seal of the car. If the river comes out of a gap in the block, it’s better not to buy it, okay?

5. Check the transmission arm

You can test the car from the engine condition of the car that has not heated up. If the motor is already in operation, immediately insert the interchangeable lever into position D.

If the car moves independently without hurting the accelerator pedal, it means that it is still in good condition. On the other hand, if the car does not start, there may be a problem.

6. Avoid buying old automatic cars

Do not buy an automatic vehicle with an automatic transmission that is not equipped with a computerized control system. It is also known as a transmission control unit.

7. Testing

You are also required to take a roadworthiness test by taking a driving test. Some things to keep in mind during a driving test, namely:

  • Make sure you perform the automatic gear change so that the transmission dike does not wobble.
  • Pay attention to the position of the indicator on the instrument panel, try to check whether it coincides with the position of the crane or not.
  • Feel the difference in the time it takes when you move the lever until it responds. If the conditions are normal, the time difference must not exceed 2 seconds.
  • Let the car run until it reaches 3000 rpm. If the condition of the car is still normal, you will not feel much trembling in the body of the car.

Plus, you can also try driving it on strong roads, you know. If the condition of the car is still within normal limits, it means that the probability of slipping is very low.

What makes Matic cars superior?

The choice between automatic and manual cars already depends on the comfort and needs of everyone when driving. Therefore, it is better that we first understand the difference between automatic and manual cars, so as not to make the wrong choice.

1. About car operation and comfort

Automatic cars are ultimately superior compared to manual cars. The process is not so difficult and smooth, for those of you who are still beginners.

Only ordinary people learning cars will quickly adapt to using an automatic car. Meanwhile, a manual car is very difficult because it has to include a catcher, a gear change and a throttle input to turn it on. It will take longer to get used to a manual car, not to get nervous while driving it.

In terms of comfort, automatic cars are also more comfortable to use, especially in traffic jams. This is because it is not necessary to constantly hold the shutter and loosen it with your legs to drive like a manual gear machine.

This allows you to drive more comfortably even in difficult terrain. Simply engage the gear, press the accelerator pedal without having to change gears so that the car can drive.

2. Vehicle maintenance

And finally, the maintenance of the car. Vehicles with automatic transmissions have more complex mechanical systems and components than manually operated ones.

For example, such as pumps, electrical components, cooling mechanisms. It turns out that this has an impact on the maintenance carried out as well as the costs incurred.

However, this potential can be avoided by taking a disciplined approach to automated vehicles. You need to change the automatic transmission oil regularly.


These are the tips for buying used automatic cars that can be your reference before making a decision. Make sure you check the body of the car, the condition of the oil, whether there are leaks, stories about the condition of the car and others.

There is nothing wrong with asking an official repair shop for help to see if the condition of this used automatic car is still in good condition. Remember to share and share with friends or relatives in need.

Try to follow some of the advice to buy an automatic car that will be used above until you get a car that is still in good condition. So you do not suffer any losses and drive comfortably every day.

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