Take care of a black car to stay stylish and it’s not easy to be boring

Take care of a black car to stay stylish and it’s not easy to be boring | Caring for a black car isn’t as simple as turning the palm, you know. There are many difficulties that those who have a car of this black color will face. In fact, maintenance of the exterior of the car is mandatory for the owner.

This is done so that the paint on the car is not damaged and the shine is preserved. As you know, if you live in Indonesia, you can say that you need to worry more about the painting of your car.

In addition to the conditions of heavy traffic, the weather in our country is very extreme. For example, the weather can be up to 38 ° C during the day, after which it rains heavily. If such a climate occurs continuously, the paint can certainly damage the car.

Especially cars that are often dried and exposed to sunlight. Of course, the owner of the black car should provide additional protection so that the paint is not quickly damaged.

How to take care of a black car

A driver who has a car of black color should be able to see below some ways to take care of it. What to do?

Car wash routine

Of course, the easiest way to take care of a black car is to wash the car regularly. As you know, other cars should also be washed regularly to keep them clean. Yes that’s right. But black cars require more attention because they get dirty faster than other colors.

Although it was only washed in the morning, it usually looks dirty in the afternoon. Brown dust will appear in some parts such as hood, glass, doors and other parts of the car.

Whether you like it or not, the owner should wash the car at least every 2 days so that the car does not look dirty quickly. That’s why some people avoid black cars because they get dirty faster.

True, I’m tired of washing the car every day or washing the car every 2 days. If you wash your own car, it might be fine, it can be more economical, but if you can wash your car outside 5 times, that’s a lot of money, right?

If you wash your car at home before using soap, try rinsing dirt with your hands first. Try not to use a sponge or foam, as this can cause spiral marks. This method is usually used to remove dirt or stubborn stains, so the cleaning process can be easier. After that, clean it with a special car soap or balanced pH.

Scanning with microfibers

Of course, if you want to wash your own car at home, driver is required to use a microfiber cloth , and it is not recommended to use chamois or chamois .

This needs to be done and is one of the important requirements when caring for black car paint. Without microfiber, you can be sure that the coating will show many signs of vortices during the drying process.

Signs of a vertebra are fine scratches that appear during the washing or drying process. These scratches usually arise from a chamois cloth or foam during the washing process.

In general, the method of cleansing the body in public washing places is rather “dirty”. What we mean by dirty is to wipe the body immediately after cleaning the dirtiest parts such as rims and bumpers without first cleaning.

Dirt such as rock and fine sand naturally adhere to the foam, which has the ability to create new spiral tracks . When you get to the laundry, remind the washing machine to clean the foam first before wiping the body.

But it will be better if you wash it yourself at home. Driver can provide 2 buckets and 2 foam for washing, so the results can be more perfect.

The first bucket and foam to clean the dirtiest part. While the second bucket and foam are used to clean body, glass and ceiling. It’s more annoying, but this method is recommended to treat black cars so that they don’t get boring quickly. Are you ready to get tired?

Use a special wax for a black car

Another way to treat it may be to routinely apply a special black car wax. Currently, many brands have issued special wax for cars in dark colors. Some of them like turtle wax, meguiars, 3M and so on. This wax in general makes the black car look shinier and holds it well, especially when exposed to sunlight.

There are many advantages that are immediately noticeable when using such drugs. One of them dirt will be much easier to clean during washing. Driver doesn’t have to do more to clean up dirt. Because the wax-coated surface carries dirt, so that it does not stick easily.

In addition, it also has water-repellent properties. When exposed to rain, the water separates and does not adhere to the color, like water on the taro leaves.
Indirectly, wax provides protection. There are even some medications that are supposedly able to remove signs of a spiral. The price of this drug is also quite affordable. In general, such vehicle maintenance products are in the range of 60,000 to 300,000 rupees per package.

Wear a car cover

As we explained a little above, black cars tend to get dirty quickly, even when not in use. In order not to get dirty quickly, Carmudian can use the car cover to cover the car. Always be sure to keep the inside of the vehicle cover clean.

If the interior is dirty, it’s like lying if you use sarong so as not to get dirty. It is very important to wash the car cover regularly and regularly. Wash the hood at least once a month to keep the inside free of dust that sticks.

Don’t underestimate the dirt stuck in the hood, as this can be a source of whirlpool stains on the paint. When storing the car suitcase, be sure to keep the interior clean and store the suitcase in a dust- and dirt-free place.

The use of a car cover also protects the paint from sunlight. At the very least, the paint is much better preserved than a car that is often sun-dried and does not have a hood when parking. Even if you’re standing in the garage, try to keep the hood clean to keep it clean.

Avoid using Duster

For owners of dark cars, please avoid using a feather ashtray to clean dust or dirt. Cleaning dust and dirt with an ashtray actually increases the signs of a hot tub and that’s a big deal! There are many on the market that offer an ashtray as a cleaning tool.

Instead of using a feather ashtray, it turns out that it is better to wash and rinse with running water and wipe with microfiber. Dust dust from any material should not be used to remove dust. Avoid this one tool if driver wants to properly and correctly take care of a black car.


If driver is one of the types of lazy people who care about a black car, you should paint the paint with a layer. The exterior parts of the car painted with one layer are usually more scratch-resistant.

Not only that, but it will also look shinier than an unpainted car. To paint Karmody, you can visit various workshops or the nearest car maintenance salon. This is one of the easiest ways to maintain a black car without having to be complicated.

But it is also worth noting that the cost of painting is expensive. In general, the cost of such a coating can be more than 2 million Indonesian rupees, depending on the vehicle and the place where the service is provided.

Some places offer a layer from 1 layer to 3 layers. The price displayed is definitely different, and the more stratified, the more expensive they become.

Avoid parking in hot spots

In fact, it’s not just black cars that should avoid hot places to take care of the paint so as not to get boring quickly. Every car should be like this. But it would be good if you didn’t park your car in the scorching sun for a long time.

Drying a black car can cause the paint to fade over time. If you want to park the car, try to find a cool place or not be exposed to direct sunlight. For example, look for a parking space under a tree, basement or parking lot with a roof.

By parking the car in a cool place, the car is also in better condition, so the paint does not fade quickly. If you need to park the car under the scorching sun, try to cover it with a special car cover.

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